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Welcome to my website on mini perfume bottles!

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This website shows pictures of my personal mini perfume bottles collection and should help collectors to identify the existing mini bottles of interest for their own collection.


Start by choosing the section you would like to visit by clicking on the appropriate link in the upper menu. By default, the right hand site menu shows the links to the new mini perfumes of 2006.

No pictures of the newly released minis in 2007. Since the beginning of the year, I've been focusing on putting my whole collection online. Hopefully this website will provide mini perfume lovers with a convenient tool when on mini searches and a valuable information source with free access anywhere you might be in the world. Please remember that this page is the result of many hours of mind-numbing labour and sleep-avoidance by the author. All graphics are the original work of the author. Should you wish to use an image from this page, please take the time to ask and wait for permission. Please do not just steal the pictures, because that would make the author very, very, very unhappy. The author has a fierce hamster that will not hesitate to viciously maul any culprits, so consider yourselves warned :o)

Visit my blog with the pictures of all the mini bottles I have to swap and a list of my wanted minis. Click on "Swap / Wanted" in the menu.

I will be happy to receive your swap list. To do so, please click on either "E-mail" links in the right part of the upper menu.

Enjoy your visit!